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2.4GHz Wireless/Air Mouse/IR Remote/Voice Chat

Ranger SMARTY Remote Keyboard dual-sided keyboard comes equipped with a remote control, with the top side featuring the remote control and bottom side, the keyboard. It is perfect for your PC devices, Smart TV, IPTV, Android TV Box, TV, XBox 360 and PS3.

Wtih the increasing demand of interactive devices for text input cum remote control, the Ranger SMARTY Remote Keyboard does text input as needed in media search, instant messaging and web browsing. Its remote control can be used to control up to 8 different electronics equipments with IR remote function. With its learning function capability, it can quickly and efficiently learn the functions of other remotes making it very much more useful and convenient. Supporting Skype, having online voice dialogue has never been easier with its built-in wireless audio function. Like wireless mouse, you use the motion of your hand to control the air mouse.

The Ranger SMARTY Remote Keyboard is the single handheld unit fit for your couch. No more clutter on your coffee table!


  • 2.4GHz mini wireless keyboard, air mouse, IR learning remote control, speaker & microphone 5-in-1    
  • 8-channel infrared remote control learning function    
  • Source code quickly learn other remote control via infrared remote control of the device    
  • Windows multimedia control keys (Google TV hotkey)    
  • Wireless audio and online voice dialogue, support Skype
  • Built-in six-axis gyro possesses the function of air mouse
  • Built-in advanced lithium-ion battery - energy efficient

Included in package:

  • Smarty Wireless Keyboard    
  • USB Wireless Receiver    
  • User Manual    
  • USB Charging Cable

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  • Operation Frequency : 2.4GHz wireless
  • Transmission Distance : Up to 10 meters
  • Transmit Power : +4db Max.
  • Operating Voltage : 3.3V
  • Operating Current : <50mA
  • Charge Voltage : 5V
  • Charge Current : <300mA
  • Battery : 350mAH built-in Lithium-ion
  • Dimension : 156(L) x49.5(W) x 10(H) mm
  • Weight : 74g
  • Operating System : Windows XP/Vista/CE/7/8, Android 2.3 or above (with standard USB Interface), Linux (Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0, Ubuntu-8.10
  • Fedora-7.0 tested), HD Player, TV set, Set-Top Box, DVD/VCD/CD equipment, HID compatible device


  • Rated Voltage : DC 3V
  • Voltage Range : 2.3V - 3.6V
  • Operation Current : <20mA
  • Operational Range : Up to 8 meters