Colourful Float Wired USB Keyboard

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  • Kb335-box
Ranger Float wired USB keyboard is designed with floating keys and a bevy of LED colours that illuminate to create a glowing rainbow aura.
When gaming or typing on the floating keys, it is both comfortable and responsive. It feels like mechanical keys. The Ranger Float wired USB keyboard works for you in the day as well as in the night and in low light condition. With the laser-engraved keys, lights shine through the letters on the keys thus making it clearer to see. Driving your contents is so much clearer and easier. The Ranger wired USB keyboard is weighted, sturdy and very stable. It’s clean compact design requires less desk space and also closing the distance between the keyboard and mouse . 
Whether you use it for work, gaming or just browsing the web, let this keyboard give you that pleasant touch!


  • Cool full spectrum of rainbow colours
  • Floating laser-engraved keys
  • Highlighted Gaming Keys
  • Responsive and mechanical feel alike
  • Anti-skid and splash-proof
  • Heavy and sturdy for better stability
  • Clean compact design requires less desk space
  • Ergonomically superior tactile keyswitches
Included in package:
1 x KB335 USB Wired Keyboard

49.00 SGD


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Interface : USB 2.0; 50mA
Cable Length : 1.5m
Operating System : Windows/Mac
Size : 435(L) x 137(W) x 30(H)mm
Weight : 660 grams